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Legalization and Apostille of Document Express

Legal Express is made up of a highly qualified and dedicated team, fully committed to providing information and services on administrative procedures such as obtaining visas, legalization of documents, Apostille or sworn translation.

Legal Express can process your request for legalization or apostille within Express.

Legal Express has a service dedicated to the legalization of documents and apostilles of all types of documents, so we take care of all the legalization procedure, from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (C.C.I), through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (M.A.E) then the Consulate.

Legal Express is committed to protecting the confidentiality of your data. We take into account the confidential nature of the documents necessary to obtain a visa. The security of your data is a top priority for us. Legal Express never shares your personal data or documents.

Legalization - What is it?

The legalization of a French document intended for a foreign authority makes it possible to certify the following information:

  • Authenticity of the signature
  • Quality of the signatory of the act
  • If necessary, identity of the seal or stamp with which this document bears

It gives rise to the affixing of a stamp.

Apostille What is it?
The apostille designates the simplified legalization procedure established by the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961*, ratified by France on January 22, 1965.

The apostille confirms the authenticity of the signature, seal or stamp affixed to the administrative document in order to assert rights abroad.

Documents presented for apostilling must bear in original:

  •    the signature of the public authority or exercising a public service mission,
  •    the status and name of the signatory,
  •    the seal or stamp of the authority.

The documents that can be endorsed with the apostille are varied:

  •     diploma,
  •     certified true copy at the town hall (diploma, transcript),
  •    civil status certificate dated less than three months,
  •     National criminal record,
  •    tax return document,
  •   certification of signature before a notary (personal seal of the notary required) or before the Chamber of Commerce and Industry or at the town hall,
  •     authentic act,
  •     corresponding translation of documents already apostilled

The apostille does not mean that the content of the document is true or that the French Republic approves of its content.

Legalization of a document

Legal Express ensures the legalization of all your documents, whether official or private, with the authorities concerned.

We take care of all these formalities (Town Hall, Notary, Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consulate, Embassy and Court of Appeal).

The time required to obtain these legalizations varies from one consulate to another.

it is best to send us a quote request. Scan and send us all of your documents to be legalized.

Why choose Legal Express?

Legal Express is an agency specializing in the apostille and legalization of French public documents intended for a foreign authority.

légalisation de documents express Apostille express france

Does my document need to be apostilled, legalized, certified or is it exempt?

The criteria for determining which regime to apply are:

- the issuing country
- destination country
-document type

The steps to be taken to have a document legalized differ depending on the country that issued it and the agreements between it and France.

-A French public document is exempt from apostille or legalization if it is intended for the authorities of most European countries.

You should inquire beforehand with the authority before which the document must be presented on the need to have it apostilled, legalized or not.

The documents that can be apostilled are:

  • civil status certificates (birth, marriage, death or recognition certificate)
  • administrative documents (diploma, criminal record, certificate of nationality, certificate of celibacy, etc.)
  • notarial deeds
  • commercial acts (kbis, articles of association, etc.)
  • actes judicial acts (judgments)